2012 Recap

Well, it’s the end of another year and the start of what will hopefully be a very successful one!  2012 was a roller coaster for me.  My personal life was a train-wreck as I started dating a long-time friend and fell hard and fast for him.  When he ended things, I was devastated for months and just felt incredibly depressed, which was compounded by the fact that most of my friends from my graduate program graduated in May and moved away, while I remained behind to continue work on a second graduate degree.  In all my wallowing, I lost track of my personal, professional, and financial goals and got pretty off-track.  Once I started to move on from that relationship, I was able to get myself back on course: I trained for and completed another half-marathon, renewed some old friendships, continued learning to cook, found new roommates/tenants who are a much better fit than my previously messy and obnoxious roommates, finished saving up for a puppy and related expenses, continued Roth IRA contributions, made a huge amount of progress on my graduate school project, and met a wonderful new man that I’ve been dating for several months now.  I hope to keep things on track in 2013 and that if things don’t work out with this new man, I don’t want to let that completely throw me off again.  I’m so thrilled to report that I have a positive net worth!

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