Staying Strong in the face of shopping Temptation

Yesterday was a tough day to NOT spend money.  Both Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade were having HUGE sales….$300 dress for $50, etc.  Both are brands whose items I love but cannot normally afford, and I only buy when I’m looking for something specific and can find it on sale or previously owned.  Getting their items at such a big discount is a huge incentive to shop, but right now it’s a bad idea because:

a) I don’t NEED any particular items from them.

b) this is a VERY expensive summer for me (need to detail in a later post)
So I’m holding out.  I wish I wasn’t tempted – I’m jealous of the PF bloggers who are so into minimalism!!  I want things.  From reading PF blogs, this seems almost like a bad character trait…but I do want to have a beautiful home and beautiful clothes and items that make life more convenient or more fun.  But right now I want to get my financial house in order and for purchasing Wants, I’ll need to save up money for something specifically in mind, rather than just buying because it’s at a big discount.

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