April Goals – Check In Time

Alright, these were the goals I made for April, let’s see how I did!

1. File taxes on time.   Success!  And I corrected a mistake and actually got money back this time!

2. Appeal city property assessment.Filed the paperwork and waiting to hear on my appeal court date.

3. File for property tax credit #1  Completed and tax credit #1 is in place!

4. File for property tax credit #2  Filed and waiting to hear back

5. Refinance mortgage? (Maybe a May/June goal depending on area home sales)  Appraisal came back too low…am waiting to see if I can finangle a deal with my parents.

6. Set up automatic transfer of $50 from each paycheck into my Emergency Fund. Total fail.  Am feeling very paycheck-to-paycheck right now, so this goal may be put on hold until after all my big May bills get paid (car and home insurance, primarily – almost $2000!)

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