Review of Crest Whitening Strips

* This is not a sponsored post *

Although I still have debt (mortgage and personal loans), I am not willing to put every single extra penny I can towards paying off that debt.  While many bloggers that I admire and respect do so, I have realized that I do want to maintain a certain level of lifestyle while I pay off my debt. ….my parents both made huge sacrifices to pay off their education debt early in their lives (living with family until marriage, extreme frugality….think no bed, no extras at all), they impressed upon me that they gave up a lot of experiences that they want me to have while I am young.  And while a “hygiene” product like whitening strips is a lot more superficial than  say taking a once in a life time back packing trip…’s what I want to do (and can afford) at the moment.

I love my (home-brewed) coffee and (cheap) wine…but they do not love my teeth!  After miserable high school years spent in braces, I want my teeth to look their best…I know that when I put effort into making a good appearance, I have a lot more confidence and that leads to a ripple effect of good things…the power of positivity!  I have previously tried the original version of whitestrips, but they fell off my teeth so easily and didn’t seem to have much of an effect.  I just started the advanced seal professional effects strips, 1 set for 30 mins a day.  The seal is SO MUCH BETTER!!  They stick on with minimal effort and I can actually talk with them on!  WOo hoo!!  I’ll check in at the end of the month with an update on whether or not they actually whitened. (and since I never posted this on time…results are IN and the effect was noticeable and lasting!  I received lots of comments from relatives who hadn’t seen me in a while)

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