As I’m reading more and more PF blogs, I notice that giveaways seem to be a popular event.  I’m just getting started, so I think it will probably be a little while before I can offer something similar, but I’m going to fill any readers I might have out there in on a few:

Mark at Buy Like Buffett has a giveaway ending January 31st for an iPad, and Amazon and Starbucks gift cards…how great is that!!

Kevin at Thousandaire is also giving away an Amazon gift-card to celebrate having 100 subscribers.  Congrats Kevin!!

And in the spirit of blog connectivity and community….can anyone tell me how to let other bloggers know (using WordPress) when I link to their blogs?  I’m a new blog writer, but I’ve been reading a group of blogs for several years and would love to discuss some of their articles here, but I want to let them know =)

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One Response to Giveaways!

  1. Thanks for linking to my post!

    You asked about “subscribing”. There are lots of ways you can subscribe; you either sign up to have each new post sent to you in an email, or you have each new post sent to a “reader”. I use Google Reader to manage all of my subscriptions.

    Instead of going to the actual site for all the blogs I like to read, I just read their posts in my Google Reader. Then if I want to comment, I can click on the post in my reader and it will take me to the page where I can comment. I hope that helps.

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