Tracking My Spending…for real, this time

I’ve always tracked my spending to some degree, but never every penny, and never consistently.  As my finances have gotten increasingly complicated, I feel the pressing need to hold my spending accountable…finally!!  After over 6 months of trying to come up with the perfect spreadsheet of my own, and failing, I purchased the lovely color-coded spreadsheet created by Fabulously Broke.  It’s everything I wanted to do with Excel but couldn’t quite figure out how to enact. Her spreadsheet is a little more complicated than I can handle at the moment, so I am going to start slowly and work my way up.

Here’s the plan:

– record monthly spending and categorize each expenditure on track for January

– later in 2011: figure out how to better track my rental income and “pay-backs” for utilities from my roommates.  Add in mortgage debt.  Figure out how to include my savings accounts and IRA contributions.

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