new header

I’m new to writing a blog, but I’ve been reading many PF blogs for several years, and I’ve noticed that you all have some very nice looking layouts and great features like progress bars.  I’m hoping to learn more from the PF blog community about how to actually set up a blog.

I *did* figure out how to change the header, however, and I’m pretty excited about it.  Here’s what my new one looks like:

A friend sent me a picture of those pink and sparkly Kate Spade heels recently, and we both drooled over them for a little while.  However, as much as I might want to go out and buy them, a little bit of thought has held me back…I don’t NEED them, and I really can’t think of any likely events coming up in which I could even wear them…therefore I will not buy them.  I don’t plan on cutting myself off from all shopping, but I do plan to shop sensibly, and keeping that image up on my blog will serve to remind me of that mindset.

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One Response to new header

  1. This is why Kate Spade will be a store I can never set foot into. Everything is so clean and colourful, I can’t stand it!!!

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