let’s try this again…

I started this blog back in April but have not really given it a chance.  I’d like to start over.

While blogging has clearly been a big FAIL for most of the year, I’ve been successful in staying organizing and goal-oriented in other areas of my life:

  • Fitness – I decided I would get back into working out on a regular basis and I have been pretty successful so far!  I’ve only got 6 lbs left to lose in order to be at my ideal weight, and I’ve completed two races, as well as gotten comfortable lifting weights alongside the grunting boys at the gym.  How did I turn myself around?
    • Set myself up for success.  After a long of working, classes, and studying, going to the gym is often the last thing I want to do.  To counter this sort of entropic couch potato leaning, I do whatever it takes to make it easy for me to get to the gym.  I pack all of my gym clothes with me in the morning so that I can go straight to the gym.  I eat a snack a few hours before I plan to work out so that I don’t let dinner cravings distract me.
    • Be accountable. I sign up for classes at my gym (FREE!) which requires that I make a phone call in the morning so reserve a spot, which holds me accountable and prevents me from not showing up for fear of making that shameful phone call to cancel.  I make plans to run on the treadmill next to a friend, or to lift with a coworker.
    • Keep Track. I record in an electronic calendar all the exercises I do.
    • Set a Goal. I chose to focus on running races.  I’ve picked races of increasing distance spread out several months apart, and I create a training schedule in order to build up to being able to run that distance.  The actual races themselves have been inspirational and motivational – I leave feeling exhilarated and believing that I can do it longer or faster next time!
  • Classes. I’ve been really focused on classes and am looking forward to finishing up the coursework phase of my program in the next year.  I use my electronic calendar to stay on track with all of the various assignments and also to schedule in specific blocks of time for studying and working on certain assignments.

I feel that I can use the approach I used for getting back into physical shape in order to get myself into FINANCIAL SHAPE.  After reading many PF blogs over the past several years, I feel that I have learned a lot of strategies and have a general idea of what works…but now it’s time for me to put it into practice!  I will use the blog to hold myself accountable to others and to create a record to keep track.  I’m not going to try to take care of everything all at once, but instead proceed stepwise, mastering some basics of personal finance before trying to create a monster spreadsheet to calculate my life out to the last cent.

November Goals:

  • Record spending weekly on the blog
  • Go through the giant box of receipts!!  I am swimming in paper here and find it very hard to get organized with so much clutter.
  • Set up a better spread sheet to keep track of rent and utility checks from my tenants.
  • Appeal my property taxes
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